Crystal Water Bottle for Crystal Healing




Yes, we finally have Crystal Water Bottles aimed at Crystal Healing.

Crystal Water Bottles are designed to infuse the water with the healing energies of crystals in the water. It has traditionally being used to create water that works at the molecular level to provide overall well being. Each crystals provides it’s own specific energetic healing traits based on it’s vibrational frequency.

Our Crystal Water Bottles are unique because you are able to remove the bottom cup for better cleaning, in addition, the natural stone is hand cut and polished.

Creating Crystal Elixir water is easy when you have a Crystal Water Bottle ready to go with a crystal already part your water bottle.

Healing Properties of Crystals:

Smoky Quartz: Helps transmute almost unlimited amounts of negative energies. It is a grounding stone that works directly with your root chakra. Also offers spiritual protection and aids in manifestation.

Obsidian: Grounding stone working directly with your root chakra. Cleanses negative energies and provides balance and harmony in the auric field. Believed to help those doing Shadow Work.

Amethyst: Works directly with Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It helps increase intuition and offer psychic protection. It is also said to help with dream recall and assist overcoming insomnia. It helps clear our auric field and help overcome negative habits and negative behavioral patterns.

Rose Quartz: Works in conjunction with our heart chakra. It is a like a balm to the soul that assist us in self love and care and love for others. It helps us attract love from others along. Rose Quartz also assists in dissolving stress, anxiety, anger and resentment. In addition, Rose Quartz raises our vibrations while helping calm our auric field.

Citrine: Citrine works with your Solar Plexus and Solar chakras. It is a great manifesting stone and assists us in acquiring our goal. For creatives, it allows for new ideas to develop. Citrine activates our imagination and provides mental clarity.

Fluorite: Works with all Chakras. It selves to enhance clarity. Fluorite also works like by helping sort cluttered thought and negativity. It helps in clear thought process and assisting in easing anxiety and stress.

Clear Quartz: Works with ALL chakras. This is one of the only crystals that you can program to whatever your current needs are. By meditating with it, you can set your intentions to anything you wish. It also works by amplifying the energies of other stones. It is considered a Master Healing stone and raises your own personal vibrations.

Length: 250mm Cup diameter: 66mm Capacity: 550ml Total weight: about 500g Natural stone weight: about 70-80g


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1-Smokey quartz, 2-Obsidian, 3-Fluorite, 4-Crystal, 5-Rose Quartz, 6-Citrin transparent, 7-Citrin, 8-Amethyst








304 stainless steel&Glass

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